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MCJC Shul Reopening Policy - Phase 1
(As of 3/10/2022)

Over the past few months the MCJC board has been in discussion on how and when to reopen the
shul. We are looking forward to the time we can all meet together in person for prayer, learning and

Our foremost concern is for the health, safety and feelings of all members of our community.  When the current Omicron variant surge abates and it is advisable to gather inside, we will allow synagogue groups to meet in the shul.  With a trained group member to act as computer host, hybrid gatherings will be possible.  We now have the technology for fully interactive Zoom sessions with remote participants.


At a minimum, we will follow county guidelines.  We will continue to update our policy as conditions change.

Phase 2 Reopening Policy

    For events inside the shul:


  • All in-person participants must be vaccinated and boosted.  Please be prepared to show documentation of your vaccines and booster.

  • All in-person participants must wear high-quality N95, KN95 or KF94 masks.

  • It is up to the leaders and members of each group to decide whether they want to meet in person.  Computer equipment is available for hybrid meetings with a trained group member on site.  Please contact Marnie Press at for information and scheduling.  We will have a refresher training in early March, 2022.

  • Gatherings will be limited to approximately 25 participants.

  • Please respect each person’s personal space and ask before hugging or touching others.

  • Attendees should bring their own drinking cups.  Food will not be served.  Paper cups and plates will be made available if needed.

  • Please take any trash with you when you leave.

  • It’s OK to use the heat.  Turn the heat up with the arrows on the thermostat and down when you leave.

  • Hand sanitizer is available in each room.  Disinfectant and disinfecting wipes are available in the kitchen and bathrooms.

  • Please inform the board ( when groups will be using the shul.


Contact Marnie Press for scheduling and questions at or (707) 513-5539.


For events held outside:


  • Everyone is welcome.  In accordance with county guidelines, gatherings are limited to 100.

  • Anyone who is not fully vaccinated and boosted, please wear a high-quality mask.

  • Masks are recommended for everyone.

  • Please be considerate of each participant’s personal space.

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