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MCJC Purim Shpiel - 2022

Beatlemania Meets the Megillah Of Esther
One Night Only
Wednesday, March 16th, 7 - 8:30 PM

A Cavalcade of the Stars of Stage and Screen, assembled here for the first time for your viewing pleasure. Directed and Produced by Academy Award winner Susan Levenson-Palmer, assisted by Gary Levenson-Palmer, Hosted by Harriet Bye and Larry Sawyer. 

First half of the shpiel cast :
  Fran as Esther
  Helen as the King
  Joy and Marty as the Narrators 

Linda as Mordechai
Lorry as Haman
Nina as Memuman

Purim2022 Cast 1 Screenshot 2022-03-13 070225.png

second half of the shpiel cast :
   Jennifer as Esther
   Karen as the King

Larry as Haman
Wade as Mordechai
Windflower as the Narrator

Purim2022 Cast 2 Screenshot 2022-03-13 070225.png

Entirely in Cyberspace on Zoom:

Meeting ID: 707 183 6183
Passcode: shalom

©Robert G Evans  09/10/2021

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