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Membership Levels

MCJC operates on the “fair share” concept, dividing the expenses of our rabbi, our programs, and our shul by the number of households in our small community. If every household were able to contribute $425, we would be able to cover our expenses. But not every household can do this, so when you give at the Regular Member level, beginning at $575, you are contributing a portion for those unable to do so, an act of tzedaka. 

Below, you will find a range of suggested contributions. Make your pledge and send it in today, or let us know when you want a reminder. This will save us the expense of repeated letters, calls, time and energy. 


Regular Contributing Membership $575 -- $1800 


Fair Share $ 425 


Limited Income Contributing Membership $280 -- $ 500 


Family with Young Children Contributing Membership $200 – $ 400 


Megillah only $ 25 (annually) 


Contributing membership includes discounts for adult education classes: 

($36 contributors/$54 non-contributors). 


It is customary to make a contribution when you observe a life cycle event, such as a naming, conversion, funeral, or unveiling. 


Life cycle events: 

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Contributing members $300/non contributors $400 

Wedding Contributing members $300/non contributors $500 

Baby Naming Contributing members $150/non contributors $200 

Unveiling Contributing members $100/non contributors $150 


If you would like to speak with the Treasurer about a scholarship or trade for membership, contact Donna Montag at or (707) 877-3243, or Finance Committee Member Susan Tubbesing at As always, we do not discuss financial contributions with Rabbi Margaret or other Board Members. 

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