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Membership in MCJC

MCJC is committed to tikkun olam, to the acts of kindness we do to repair the world and sustain our Jewish community, the larger community on the Mendocino coast, and the world beyond. MCJC has many wonderful programs: we care for the ill and those in need; we help bring meaning and connection to many of our elders; we care for the dead and grieving; we bring families together to learn; and we embrace the cycle of Jewish life with holiday celebrations throughout the year. We recognize, as well, the need to reach out to younger people and families, to strengthen support for people as they age, and to bring in more voices to stimulate the intellectual and cultural content of our programs. And, now more than ever, MCJC is working with other comcerned groups to defend our deeply held values. 

We invite you to help MCJC in its work, with your personal involvement and financial support. We are very close to receiving financial support from 100% of our community! It does not matter how many times you attend services, or come to the shul to celebrate a holiday, or call upon the services of our rabbi, MCJC is your Jewish community, and it takes the financial support of all of us for it to continue to thrive. With your contribution, plus fundraising events, and enormous help from volunteers, MCJC will be here when you do need it. It will be here to work with others to protect our core values, and it will it be here for future generations. 


If you are among those who are low income, we ask that you support MCJC at whatever level you can. We are very grateful for contributions of all sizes, but we need everyone to help out. If you have been a contributing member in the past, we sincerely appreciate your ongoing support and look forward to receiving your response as soon as possible, saving the cost of repeated letters, and volunteer time and energy. 


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