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Designated Funds:


MCJC has several specifically designated funds where you can contribute in honor or memory of an individual and help us fulfill the mitzvot we are dedicated to in our community. As you can see these funds are named for some of the most righteous individuals we’ve had the fortune to be in our community’s life. Contributions to all these funds will be acknowledged in the Megillah and if you wish to honor someone, they will receive a note acknowledging your generosity.  Please consider a donation to one or more of these funds and we thank you in advance.

Adele Saxe Tzedakah Fund:
This fund, available to Rabbi Holub for emergency and one time needs of all kinds is named for Ellen Saxe’s mother Adele, who modeled the life of a tzaddika when our Jewish community was in its infancy.  Over the years the fund has helped countless community members with all kinds of short term emergency needs.  This fund is the one most drawn upon so is in constant need of replenishment.  

Judith Meisel Education Fund:
This fund is named for Judith Meisel, Mina Cohen’s mother who has dedicated her life to Jewish education of all kinds.  She was a preschool director, camp “mother”, and is still going strong as a Holocaust educator.  The Judith Meisel fund helps MCJC send children to Jewish camps, has funded participants to attend Jewish education conferences, funded our Tisch dinners that brought together community members from the eldest to the youngest, and helped children receive books from the PJ Library.

Bikkur Cholim Fund: 
Our beloved Ella Russell asked MCJC to start this fund when she was so ill, and understood how much need there is
for assistance to those who need emergency assistance when health issues disrupt their lives.  While the Bikkur Holim Fund can’t provide the long term needs that unfortunately occur for our community members, it can help with one time or emergency difficulties that arise.  Rabbi Holub can access this fund in the same way she accesses the Adele Saxe Tzedakah Fund, for individuals who contact her with their needs.  
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